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use ttyS1 as normal serial port on devboard82?

Is it possible to use ttyS1 (X25 pin header) as a regular serial port? We 
have enabled it in the kernel:

[*]   Serial port 1 enabled  
(No_DTR_RI_DSR_CD) Ser1 DTR, RI, DSR and CD assignment 

Correct? Should DTR_RI_DSR_CD be enabled? With these settings the devboard 
crashes when we try "echo HEJ > /dev/ttyS1".

dmesg shows:
ttyS0 at 0xb0000060 is a builtin UART with DMA                                  
ttyS1 at 0xb0000068 is a builtin UART with DMA                                  
ttyS2 at 0xb0000070 is a builtin UART with DMA

We know it's 3.3v levels so we have to use a level-shifter to get standard 
RS232 voltage.

We are already using ttyS0 and ttyS2 so it would be great if tou told us 
it's possible to use ttyS1 as a third serial port!