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Re: Network boot

On Mon, 29 Sep 2003 Carlos Ojea wrote :
>O> That time after some time I did able to login after some
>O> time(status LED used to give orange color for a while).But
>O> it took some time. Then I logged using telnet after binding
>O> the IP to MAC using arp.
>Arp is not necessary, just wait some time and then try a 

No my problem is that my board's IP address is getting set to 
default once I do ktest.That happened for first 2 times.Then I 
didn't able to do ping or do any type of connection method after 
that.The most important thing is that the network LED is not 
blinking at all.But when I do the network boot(using ktest) I get 
the logs in the host.But still I can't connect using ping or 
arp.Am I missing some basic thing?



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