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Problem with Parallel port


I am a newbie to device programming in Linux. I want to use the Parallel
port as IO port for glowing some LED's. I am trying to build the kernel with
Parallel port support but the kernel does not boots. I have tried following:

1. I tried installing the LCD drivers as directed in the
Device-drivers-HowTo page; but it also did not work. The Kernel did not boot
after I did ./ktest

2. I wrote a program to SET and clear bits on gpiog (without parallel port
support) using a program referred in


	but I did not get any output (voltage) at the LPT pin header. I am using
Axis 82 MCM.

The method/assumptions I am carrying are:

A. I hope the pin which is soldered square in x23 is pin number 1.

B. I am measuring the output of the LPT header using Multimeter directly. Is
it fine or I require to use some different circuit. I tried to connect LED's
to connect to d0 and GND through a step-down resistor of 320 Ohms but the
LED did not glow for the set of terminals where multimeter is showing 3.3

I have gone through all the previous mails in the archive regarding Parallel
port. But I did not understand them much :(

I am also attaching the kernelconfig which had the parallel port setting and
which did not work.

Thanks in advance,



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