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how to restore ftp flash update factory behaviour

I've used the flashitall command to update several etrax axis 82.
unfortunatly according the following log it seems that I have lost the
ftp update function since this. 
I've also tried to restart from zero installing criss, developpement kit
and linux kernel src then flashitall and same result.

What should I do to recover the ftp update on my next board software
update ???


ftp> passive mode off
Passive mode off.
ftp> put fimage flash
local: fimage remote: flash
200 Command okay.
150 Opening data connection.
214-Virtual target execution.
Preparing system for upgrade...
Enter run level 4 ...
In run level 4
The file system will be upgraded after reboot.
Shutting down file system /var ...
Shutting down file system /mnt/flash ...
File systems successfully shut down
Receiving new firmware ...
HWID of image is:
HWID of unit is:
The system upgrade failed