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Re: problem with cross compile

> Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 15:12:07 +0200
> From: <WHarms@xxxxxxx.de>(Walter Harms)

> i have a problem with corsscompiling for cris.
> gcc 2.96 installed fine but than i failt to compile the glibc
> (some absolut paths to 2.7 !). So i droped that an copied the libs from the board direcly into the box but gcc uses a
> libc.a inside gcc-lib/2.96 tree, it seems to be a dummy, so i have no useable executeable. 

I don't understand what you say.  It is always best to send the
last lines of output from whatever compilation and installation
that failed; not just a description.

Do you follow the instructions
on <URL:http://developer.axis.com/doc/software/devboard_lx/install-howto.html>?

Saying "gcc 2.96" makes me think you're using a Red Hat
distribution.  If so, I'll suggest just installing the
.i386.rpm:s and forget about compiling glibc etc.

brgds, H-P