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How do I compile PHP for Etrax

Hi, after a long absense from the list I'm back with more questions.

I'd like to setup PHP with boa on the 100lx development board.
However, I can't work out how to cross-compile php for this system.

I've grabbed the latest version of php3 but haven't gotten very far.
The problem I'm having is I don't understand autoconf and there is
no cris option as a host to pass into autoconf so I'm guessing I'd have
to modify configure.in to try and support it.

Is someone willing to share their experience here that would save me
me a significant amount of time.

On a side note, appart from this mailing list is there, or has anyone 
about creating a website to share applications ported to etrax-linux.  i.e. 
along the lines of http://www.freshports.org
Just looking through the list, I note the same questions repeat often. 
people are trying to compile the same apps and everyone is running into the 
sorts of problems.  A freshports style website would sure save everyone alot 
of time and
trouble.  In my long searching through the web I haven't found such a thing.


Matt Hook.
R&D Technology Solutionz.

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