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Re: How do I compile PHP for Etrax

Hi, Matthew

Maybe my experience doesn´t help you very much, but...

I had a problem with cross compiling. My apps were about a Bluetooth
Protocol Stack from Nokia named Affix. After a few weeks, I get to compile
with gcc-cris.

There are two different parameters:

compilation parameter (CC) : -mlinux
link parameter (LD) : -mcrislinux

I hope to be useful

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From: "Matthew Hook" <hookenz@xxxxxxx.com>
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Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2003 3:09 AM
Subject: How do I compile PHP for Etrax

> Hi, after a long absense from the list I'm back with more questions.
> I'd like to setup PHP with boa on the 100lx development board.
> However, I can't work out how to cross-compile php for this system.
> I've grabbed the latest version of php3 but haven't gotten very far.
> The problem I'm having is I don't understand autoconf and there is
> no cris option as a host to pass into autoconf so I'm guessing I'd have
> to modify configure.in to try and support it.
> Is someone willing to share their experience here that would save me
> me a significant amount of time.
> On a side note, appart from this mailing list is there, or has anyone
> thought
> about creating a website to share applications ported to etrax-linux.
> something
> along the lines of http://www.freshports.org
> Just looking through the list, I note the same questions repeat often.
> Usually
> people are trying to compile the same apps and everyone is running into
> same
> sorts of problems.  A freshports style website would sure save everyone
> of time and
> trouble.  In my long searching through the web I haven't found such a
> Regards,
> Matt Hook.
> R&D Technology Solutionz.
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