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Re: Image compression on etrax

Hi again,

It is 24 bit color images that I want to compress.

Does not zlib use a similar algirithm as gzip. Compressing images with gzip usually only makes it slightly smaller (if the image does not contain large areas with only one color).

I have been reading a bit about different compression codes but I cant find any good place where the main issue is processing power, usually it focuses on compression quality and/or compression factor. But when you develop on an embedded system with limited processing power and no fpu you really need to focus on performance.


At 10:42 2003-10-10 +0200, Walter Harms wrote:

Hi Peter,
i guess it depends what type of data you have. Real images or black &
white scans ? e.g. RLE is fast but mostly on BW images mor general is
There are several book in the wild discussing  Compression codes.


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From: Peter Fredriksson <peter.fredriksson@xxxxxxx.se>
Subject: Image compression on etrax
Date: 10/10/03 09:37

Hi all,

Can anyone here on the list recommend some good image compression routine
that can be run on the etrax platform. I have tried  libjpeg, but
compressing a image that is 320*240x24bit takes more than 1.5 sec. The
perfect routine for me would provide loss-less compression. Speed is more
important than high compression.

Thanks for your time,


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Peter Fredriksson M.Sc.CE       
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Pilefeltsgatan 77       Fax +46 (0)35 18 21 99
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