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RV: ttyS0

 Hello :
 You could stop the kernel hogging the /dev/ttyS0 port as the 
 default console as it boots without recompiling the kernel. 
 There is a file called '/etc/inittab', in where you would 
 find these lines:
 # Uncomment the following line to get a console shell 
 Just comment last line with a starting '#':
 # sh:3:respawn:/bin/sh
 Carlos Ojea

O> O> Dear ETRAX developers,
O> O> 
O> O> I'd like to use /dev/ttyS0 to communicate to the external
O> O> hardware box. I was managed to deactivate /sbin/agetty, 
O> O> rescue and debug ports on ttyS0. It seems that my program 
O> O> could get complete control over RS. Anyway there are some 
O> O> data that goes out of the port during the booting.
O> O> 
O> O> How could I forbid the sending of anything before my program
O> O> will be started?
O> O> 
O> O> Best regards, Yuriy.