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Re: Developer board hangs after ktest and flashit

> We're doing a flash write, this may take up to a few minutes...
> Booting device with random id bfbf8817.


> Using internal boot loader: DBG2 - Debug on ser2.
> Starting boot...

In both cases the boot process hangs. As there is no OS running, the board
does not respond to ping.
This typically is caused by connecting the board to a network which
advertises full duplex. Connect it to a hub, not a switch. Or force the
switch port to half duplex if it's managed. Or with a cross over cable
change the computer network card settings to half duplex.
The problem appears as the Broadcom PHY negotiates full duplex with the
link partner, but in boot mode the Etrax MAC defaults to half duplex, and
they don't understand each other.
> What should I do and check to recover the developer board?

Recover from what? If it doesn't work even if you power in on without
pushing any buttons, you have likely managed to erase the flash and it
needs to be reprogrammed with flashit/flashitall.


P.S. Axis guys: perhaps it's a time to add this to the Network Boot
-document, or even a reminder to the etrax100boot output messages ;)