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MCM2+8 with external Flash

Hi again,

I am using a MCM2+8 with 8MByte external flash chip (AMD AM29LV640MT).
My ptablespec looks like this.

# name size     rw-options  type      image-file
rescue 0x010000 ro          rescue    rescue.img
flash1 0x1F0000 ro          kernel    flash1.img
flash2 0x200000 rw          jffs      flash2.img

As you can see, the whole internal flash (2MB) is used for rescue and 
flash1, the external flash as flash2 (only 2MB first).
Everything works fine now.

If I increase flash2 now up to 0x600000 (6MB), the MCM boots after 
flashitall and works normally. But it doesn't boot anymore with "normal 
boot" option (serial kernel output shows nothing!).

If I increase flash2 beyond 6MB, e.g. 0x800000 (8MB, which ist the 
external flash size), MCM NEVER boots, neither after the reboot after 
flashitall nor with normal boot mode.

Whats wrong?


Bernhard Roessmann
Don't Fear The Penguins!