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RE: read 5V signal on parport0

We have connected 5V logic to par0 in the past so it is safe. You can connect the 
the 5V output from the LCD to ack_, busy_ paper_error for instance. As you can se in the schematics
there is 4k7 ohm between the inputs and ETRAX.


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> From: Henrik Jönsson [mailto:henke@xxxxxxx.se]
> Sent: den 24 oktober 2003 18:39
> To: dev-etrax
> Subject: read 5V signal on parport0
> Hey ya
> We have connected a LCD with a T6963C-controller to par0 (devboard 82,
> 2.4.20) and we are writing a driver for this LCD. Is it safe 
> to read the
> busyflags of the LCD? I mean the parport is 3.3V and the 
> display outputs
> 5V. Is there any risk of breaking something?
> Regards Henke