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Re: MCM2+8 with external Flash

Hi Magnus,

 > No RAM is used by the boot loader so you can upload an 8MB image to 
RAM and then
 > load it to flash. You should even be able to upload a 10MB large 
image if you split the image
 > in to parts, lets say 2x5MB. Something like this should work (I 
haven't tested it though):
 > --file <first_half> 0xc0000000
 > --flash c0000000 0 0x500000
 > --file <second_half> 0xc0000000
 > --flash c0000000 0x500000 0x500000
 > I think your problem has to do with the ./flashitall script. Run 
./flashitall -p.
 > Check that you really program the correct size into flash. For a 6MB 
image it should be
 > something like this:
 > --flash 0xc0004000 0 0x600000
 > You can program 8MB at one time but then you have to send the image 
to the DRAM base, e.g. 0xc0000000
 > otherwise the image will not fit.

Yes, it seems that the flashit and boot_linux scripts cannot handle this
big images correctly. Additionally I had some trouble with 8MB file
parts using etrax100boot.

Anyway, using etrax100boot with the settings from "./flashitall -p",
splitting the 10MB fimage file into 3 pieces of 2/4/4 MB (using dd) and
using the appropriate "-flash c0004000 <offset> <size>" helps. Now it
works fine.

Many thanks :-)

Bernhard Roessmann
Don't Fear The Penguins!