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sftpclient problems


This might sound like a dumb question but for the life of me I can't get 
sftpclient to work.
I'm trying to get it to upload a file from the axis board to a remote FTP 
site.  How do I do this?
the help is not helping.

This is what I'm doing

sftpclient -p -u username -p password -c /tmp -k /images -l 

All I get it to say is
gethostbyname: Success

And nothing turned up at the other end.

The weird thing is I can put any IP number (including invalid ones) after -p 
and it ends up
printing the same result as before.

To be honest, I can't be bothered looking through all the source code, I 
could be doing better
things with my time, so a quick pointer will help.

What's going wrong?

Best Regards,


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