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Re: 2.4.19 kernel panic

OK thank you for help. I have allredy boot the devboard with 2.4.19 kernel 
and USB stv680 camera enabled. But I have another problem now. I need create 
the character device: /dev/video0 to use the webcam. I added the line: 
		@$(MKNOD) -m 0666           $(DEV)/video0    c  81   0
but the device wasn't create. Have you any idea?

 Karel Sin

Dne pá 31. říjen 2003 11:12 jste napsal(a):
> Karel Šín wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have downloaded the latest version of USB driver, but the "Kernel
> > panic"
> > occures again. I have used the ksymoops to debug the message, but it
> > didn't
> > help me. I am sending you the output of ksymoops in attachment. May be,
> > you
> > find what's wrong and give me advice please.
> I can't determine from the boot log if you're booting the board with the
> USB device connected.  (If you are, try connecting the device once the
> board has booted instead.  It wouldn't be an explanation for the crash,
> but it might be easier to determine what goes wrong.)
> The ksymoops dump (the interesting part repeated below) should be read
> in reverse order; in other words, what appears at the top is what
> happened last.  Typically, you'll want to start looking at what happened
> before mmu_bus_fault/do_page_fault (indicating an invalid memory
> reference).  Since the dump is only a dump of the stack, it may not
> correspond exactly to the call sequence that led to the crash, meaning
> that you'll have to look at the source code to see if what is displayed
> in the dump is reasonable.
>  > Trace; c00083e8 <printk+0/14c>
>  > Trace; c0057d22 <show_stack+0/90>
>  > Trace; c0057e7e <show_registers+cc/146>
>  > Trace; c0057f4a <die_if_kernel+34/46>
>  > Trace; c00083e8 <printk+0/14c>
>  > Trace; c005b20a <do_page_fault+202/2b0>
>  > Trace; c005b004 <handle_mmu_bus_fault+b4/b8>
>  > Trace; c0057b42 <mmu_bus_fault+28/30>
>  > Trace; c0059a80 <__down+2e/66>
>  > Trace; c0006b62 <add_wait_queue+16/24>
>  > Trace; c007363c <usb_register+50/98>
>  > Trace; c00736b8 <usb_scan_devices+34/90>
>  > Trace; c007367e <usb_register+92/98>
>  > Trace; c0004086 <init+a/10c>
>  > Trace; c0057c8c <kernel_thread+1c/28>
> Time to look at the source: in usb.c usb_register() calls
> usb_scan_devices() so that part looks sane.  usb_scan_devices() does
> down() on a semaphore, and since __down is the last thing we can see
> before mmu_bus_fault it's probably in the neighborhood of where it
> crashes.  I'd suggest that you add printouts to usb_scan_devices() to
> find out on which line it crashes; then add printouts of the variables
> used there, to see if any pointer is null.