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RE: USB Hot Plugging Issue.

Yes !! My USB Device is USB Flash Drive.

So Is it quite sure that i have to mount/umount USB flash drive unlike MS Windows?
(As you know, when i plug USB flash drive into Windows machine, it is detected and mounted automatically.)

Thank you !!!!

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이현진 wrote:
> But actually i wanna know is whether HOT PLUGGING is possible or not.
> My Linux Desktop can use USB Post, but when i wanna use USB, I always
> have to mount/umount USB Devices.
> How about Dev Board LX?

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I'm not quite sure I understand what mounting/unmounting you have to do
when using a USB device (unless you're talking about a USB flash drive,
that is).

If you by "hot plugging" mean (for example) plugging a camera into the
board while it's running and being able to use it immediately, then yes,
it works.  But I don't think that it works any differently to an
ordinary Linux PC.

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications