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Installation sequence

Dear all,

A. I have performed the following installation sequence with Red Hat linux
9. Can anyone confirm if it is right or wrong?

1. Installed Red Hat linux 9 with kernel 2.4.20-8
2. Installed cris_dist_1.25_1.i386.rpm
3. Tar devboard_lx_R2_1_0.tgz
4. Tar linux_2.4.19.tar.gz in axis/devboard_lx/os
5. Tar linux.2.4.19_diff.tgz
6. make tools, make kernel, make cris_axis_linux_gnu, make install, make
files, make images
7. Tar tools_build_R2_0_5.tgz
8. make install for these tools

B. The second question is when I make install the tools in step 7, no file
named 'etrax100boot' is created in tool/build/bin? Can anyone shed some
light on this?