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Re: Missing library??

> From: keparker@xxxxxxx.com
> Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 14:02:01 -0700

> I need cron for my product so I am trying to get dcron running on the
> etrax mcm. I have gotten it to compile for the cris and the binaries get
> stuffed into target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/bin  as they should but when I
> try to build images the following error Occurs.  What causes this error
> and how do I fix it??
> ##### Including needed shared library files #####
> #### No ld-linux.so.2 in
> /home/mgs/axis/e100lx_mcm/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/usr/lib
> /home/mgs/axis/e100lx_mcm/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/lib
> make: *** [cramfs.img] Error 1
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You don't quote part of the log where dcron is compiled and
linked, so I have to guess.  I can think of two reasons:

- Your program is not compiled with "gcc-cris -mlinux", but
  rather with the host gcc.

- The option "-Wl,--dynamic-linker,/lib/ld-linux.so.2" is passed
  when linking dcron.  (If so, just remove that option.)

brgds, H-P