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Re: USB device is not claimed by any active driver

Karel Šín wrote:
> This same problem I have with another devices too. I try install and
> connect 
> the pl2303 USB > serial device and the result was this same. USB device
> was 
> not claimed by any active driver. 

This general failure to match a driver with a device sounds really 
strange, and I have no idea what the problem could be.


> usb.c: stv680             // Name of driver which is trying
> usb.c: Novy typ ovladace   // New style driver

Here is the interesting part; how come usb_match_id() fails?  In 
usb_match_id(), print out every member of struct usb_device_id *id, and 
add printouts before each continue statement (which is where it 
determines where that the driver doesn't match the device).  That way 
you'll be able to tell why it doesn't think the stv680 driver is correct 
for your device.

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications