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Re: Bootloader problems

Jonas Holmberg wrote:
> I was afraid that you had a chip with 8x8kByte sectors both at top and 
> bottom, because then you would need a newer version of e100boot. But 
> to flash a AM29LV640MT you shouldn't need that update.

Yes, this chip has only top boot sectors (8x8kByte).

> I'm out of ideas at the moment. Try reading the flash and comparing it 
> to what you wrote. e100boot can give you a flash memory dump, but its 
> not in the same format as e.g. hexdump. It would probably be easier to 
> get /dev/cflash[0-2] via FTP and cat them togetherand them cmp it 
> with your original big image (without hwid and checksum). Just make 
> sure that you don't run any scripts that modifies the jffs partition 
> during boot.

I will try this.

But I have another very interresting phaenomenon. Last time I tried 
another download with 2+5.5MB, which worked fine with "flashitall", but 
now I splitted it into two pieces of 2MB and 5.5MB as I explained before 
and downloaded it separately. Surprisingly, this works, no flash problem!

Maybe it is rather a JFFS2 images creation problem with images bigger 
than, at least, 5.5MB? Weird.

Best regards,

Bernhard Roessmann
Don't Fear The Penguins!