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where can I find glibc and ld-linux for etrax ?

    I just got my Axis 83 box and now tring to compile the kernel, libraries, and apps for it.  I got a redhat 8.0 environment and planning to use it for cross development for etrax.  On my redhat, I got:
gnu make - 3.79.1
gcc - 3.2
gawk - 3.1.1
gnu sed - 3.02
cris-dist-1.25-1 (cris-gcc v. 2.96 and binutils from the package)
I have problem to compile glibc version 2.2.4/2.2.5/2.3.1/2.3.2 and cris-dist-glibc-1.25.  I tried to compile them use either export CC=gcc or export CC=cris-gcc but none of the above versions completed successfully except 2.3.2 using gcc. 
 My question are:
1) what version of glibc, and ld-linux was used on AXIS 83 (I just got the box 2 two weeks ago so assume it has the latest version software on it), where can I find them, and use what configuration parameters to compile them.
2) when compiling glibc 2.3.x, the "configure" complains cris-gcc version is 2.96 and is too old for glibc above version 2.3.  Do I have to get gcc 3.2 and get a cris-gcc 3.2 there to compile glibc 2.3.x?  Is it possible to use cris-gcc 2.96 to compile glibc above v.2.3? and if so, how?  I am asking this because I got the etrax kernel compiled using cris-gcc 2.96 and would like to stick with same compiler for glibc and other apps.