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Re: where can I find glibc and ld-linux for etrax ?

> Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 16:41:22 -0800 (PST)
> From: Albert Wan <albert.wan@xxxxxxx.net>

>     I just got my Axis 83 box

Do you mean the Axis devboard_82?  If not, ignore the following.

> and now tring to compile the
> kernel, libraries, and apps for it.  I got a redhat 8.0
> environment and planning to use it for cross development for
> etrax.  On my redhat, I got:
> gnu make - 3.79.1
> gcc - 3.2
> gawk - 3.1.1
> gnu sed - 3.02
> cris-dist-1.25-1 (cris-gcc v. 2.96 and binutils from the package)
> I have problem to compile glibc version
>  2.2.4/2.2.5/2.3.1/2.3.2 and cris-dist-glibc-1.25.

What problems?  Seeing the last 50 lines of the build log would
help me helping you.

>  My question are:
> 1) what version of glibc, and ld-linux was used on AXIS 83 (I
>  just got the box 2 two weeks ago so assume it has the latest
>  version software on it), where can I find them, and use what
>  configuration parameters to compile them.

You should be able to use the gcc in cris-dist-1.25 with the
glibc in cris-dist-glibc-1.25 as follows.

> 2) when compiling glibc 2.3.x, the "configure" complains
>cris-gcc version is 2.96 and is too old for glibc above version
> 2.3.  Do I have to get gcc 3.2 and get a cris-gcc 3.2 there to
> compile glibc 2.3.x?  Is it possible to use cris-gcc 2.96 to
> compile glibc above v.2.3? and if so, how?  I am asking this
> because I got the etrax kernel compiled using cris-gcc 2.96 and
> would like to stick with same compiler for glibc and other
> apps.

I recommend just installing either the (Red Hat) RPM or (Debian)
dpkg packages, but if you can't do that or prefer compiling from
source, please follow the installation instructions, for example
at <URL:http://developer.axis.com/doc/software/devboard_82/install-howto.html>.

Those will let you compile the glibc in cris-dist-glibc-1.25.
If you do that, always unpack the sources and build in an empty
directory using install-cris-tools; do not configure on your

brgds, H-P