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Re: where can I find glibc and ld-linux for etrax ?

> Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 23:24:39 -0800 (PST)
> From: Albert Wan <albert.wan@xxxxxxx.net>

> >What problems?  Seeing the last 50 lines of the build
> log would help me helping you.
> I think I am lost in the jungle of various versions of
> glibc, gcc/cris-gcc, and cross-compiling platforms
> (cris-dist-1.25 and native redhat gcc 3.2).

Please just follow the instructions, as mentioned.  Trying to
install by other means is likely to cause confusion (QED).  Use
the .rpm for Red Hat, the .dpkg for Debian or none of those are
appropriate, install from source as per instructions.  Then
install-cris-tools will compile and install gcc and glibc in

>  However,
> I think cris-dist-1.25 is installed and working OK on
> my redhat because I use it to compile the linux 2.4.20
> and I got kimage and fimage and they can be loaded to
> the box (using ktest) and run.

What makes you think that cris-dist-1.25 is installed OK if you
can compile the kernel but not applications?  (The answer will
help me improve the installation procedure.)  Did you follow
instructions (including cris-dist-glibc-1.25) when you installed
it?  If you didn't, how (exactly)?

>  Then I need to create
> ld-linux.so and various libraries so my kernel init.c
> and other apps can run.

No, you *don't* need to do this separately.  If cris-dist-1.25
is installed with cris-dist-glibc-1.25 *as per instructions*,
that's all that is needed.  (What you refer to as ld-linux.so is
called ld.so.1 for systems known as cris-axis-linux-gnu.  This
is just a detail, but if you happen to look for it specifically,
perhaps you're confused by its absence.)

>  I started out with glibc
> 2.2.5 but with no luck and then I pulled in various
> versions of glibc but none of them compiled on my
> redhat 8.0.  These various glibc versions abort
> compilation with various reason so I would like to
> know is there any version that is considered
> "verified" that I can use as the starting point. 

You *really only* need to follow the mentioned instructions and
use cris-dist-glibc-1.25.

> Notice I am using linux 2.4.20, so I would appreciate
> if you can tell me those "compatible" to that linux
> kernel version. 

Nope.  Stock glibc releases have problems.  I'm going to sync
FSF source with Axis releases at some time, but please use the
Axis releases (if you *really* need to install from source
rather than .i386.rpm or dkpg); those are the only ones we
support officially anyway.

> Just FYI here.  here is the error I got from compiling
> glibc 2.2.4 using cris-gcc 2.96:  (you can ignore it
> if glibc 2.2.4 is NOT considered "compatible" to linux
> 2.4.20)

Unsure, but likely configuration problems.

brgds, H-P