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Re: Fwd: Re: where can I find glibc and ld-linux for etrax ?

Albert Wan wrote on 24.11.2003 18:28 MET:
> Why I cannot find linux 2.4.20 and its patches in
> http://developer.axis.com/download/linux/  ?
> I compiled linux 2.4.19 and got images but when I try
> "ktest -d eth1", the etrax100boot command giving me
> error:
> Using internal boot loader: INTERNAL_NW - Network boot
> (default).
> Bootloader corrupt. Should contain ret/nop
> (0x12345678) at 0xc, but contains 43211234
> The file size for etrax100boot is 60432. I tried to
> use e100lx_mcm/tools/build/bin/etrax100boot (size
> 221586) which I built it by mistake (I though it was
> for Axis 82) and then it talk to the Axis 82 Dev board
> but seems to end prematurely. See log:

I assume you've got the Axis 82. You get the dev system from
the kernel 2.4.20 from
unpack it at
make a symlink
   ln -s linux-2.4.20 linux
and apply the patch by running (from axis/devboard_82/)
   source init_env

PS: To get boa to compile you have to apply the following patch

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock