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Re: adding users

Ronny L Nilsson wrote on 26.11.2003 02:46 MET:
>Bernhard Roessmann wrote:
>>Friedrich Lobenstock wrote:
>> > I tried compiling the current busybox 1.0.0-pre3 which has all the
>> > needed commands like useradd and so on but I did not succeed.
>>If you (or someone else) accomplish that, please post here how you
>>did it, because I failed, too :-(
> I haven't tried specificaly with 1.0.0-pre3 but an earlier release 
> (very much alike) I built for cris without to much of an obstacle. I'll 
> see what I can find.

I figured it out in the meantime, with some help from Hans-Peter Nilsson.
See the thread "comiling busybox-1.00-pre3".

The essence:

1) in the busybox .config file:


2) build with

make LDFLAGS+=-mlinux

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock