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Re: kernel 2.6.0-x on devboard

On 29 Nov, Szabo, Tamas wrote:
> Hello,
> I know that 2.6 is not officially supported yet, but can anybody suggest a
> reasonable easy way how to use some of the latest kernel (ex.: 2.6.0-test11
> :-) with devboard_lx?
> I mean is any patch or modifying necessary in kernel source or user space
> apps to build kernel and apps?

I have tried to compile and run 2.6.0-test9:

I had to modify the Makefiles a little to get it run. (I have tried to
build in an extra directory, not in the src tree -- as recommended for

Changes in kernel files where also necessary. If I remember correctly:
One timer function was missing and support for the console during
early kernel boot phase needed some hacks.
Compilation works fine until the linker starts: Some of gcc builtin
functions for arithmetic were missing.
I extracted the functions from the static versions of the gcc lib and
added them as objects during linking. Finally I got a kernel image !

Unbelieable, but it worked until mounting of the flash file systems.
Numbering of partitions seems to be changed. Solved this
problem and got the kernel until start of the first user process, init.
Then the system hangs. I think the problem is related to the hacks
with the console device for boot messages.

Norbert Matzke,
Geo++ GmbH