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Re: G++ 3.2

I remember running into similar problems a year or so ago.  It seemed that
the C++ compiler and libraries were not quite all there.

In the end I wrote my own versions of the STL templates that I needed, 
list, queue and deque.  They were simplified a fair bit but served their 
purpose and were
near enough compatable with the PC STL in the way I was using them.  The 
then went away.  I did try using STLPort but this seemed to be an even 
greater headache.
I haven't tried it since.


>From: Johan Neven To: dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.2 Date: Thu, 27 Nov 
>2003 16:59:40 +0100
>I'm trying to compile some C++ code with templates in it. I get a lot of 
>errors during compilation although it compiles without problems on an Intel 
>platform with g++ 3.2. I think it's a problem with g++-cris with version 
>2.96. What's the newest version of g++ and libstdc++ available for the cris 
>Johan Neven

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