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RE: New Devboard 82/83 SDK release

Hello Phil,

Yes it include such functionality, however the default kernelconfig is
set to use DMA so
you will have to reconfigure.

Best Regards,
Anders Johansson
Axis Communications 

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To: Anders Torbjorn Johansson
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Would this release happen to include the interrupt driven I/O interface
for ttyS1 that was discussed several months ago when several people were
running into the DMA conflict between that port and USB?


Phil Sutter

On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 05:54, Anders Torbjorn Johansson wrote:
> Release 1_91 of the devboard 82/83 SDK is now available at
> The release includes a new patch for the 2.4.22 kernel with the latest

> USB driver. It also include some minor updates to the applications.
> Best Regards
> Anders Johansson
> Axis Communications