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RE: Devboard 82/83 and serial modems

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Did you disable the kernel debug features.
The dev board prints debug messages on /dev/ttyS0 by default, try disabling the debug feature or use another serial port.
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Subject: Devboard 82/83 and serial modems


I am attempting to connect a serial modem to the axis devboard through COM1 (/dev/ttyS0), but I ran into some trouble. I have encountered a few problems regarding the serial port on the dev-etrax archive (eg. http://mhonarc.axis.se/dev-etrax/msg02860.html), so I would likt to determine if the problem is me, or Axis?

I have copied successful configurations from my Linux laptop to the devboard and used both my Nokia mobile phone as a classic land-line modem, but never got it to work. There seems to be some kind of communication problem with the modem. pppd sometimes receives garbage from the modem after the first AT-command.

Has anyone succesfully set up a ppp connection through a modem connected to ttyS0? If so, did they set up anything special in the kernel? What hardware did you use?

Any toughts, suggestions?

BTW: if have already tried the last devkit update, but with the same results...

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