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Re: G++ 3.2

> From: Johan Neven <johan.neven@xxxxxxx.be>
> Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 09:35:35 +0100

> The reason for the linking problem was a libc.so in the target directory
> tree which is a script and mentioned explicitly libc.s0.6 from the
> former 2.96 cris-dist tree. Here is the content of that file:

> That's probably because the whole target tree was build with 2.96 and it
> needs (probably) to be build with 3.2.1.

Correct.  I guess I should have mentioned that you need to clean
the target tree, so the new libraries are used.

> I think I'll stay with 2.96 until there is a devboard_lx development
> tree compatible with 3.2.1. I found a workaround for the
> incompatibilities between 3.2 and 2.96 in my sources. It was a matter of
> defining replacements for numeric_limits<typename>::...


brgds, H-P