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RE: kernel 2.6.0-x on devboard

Internally we are up to 2.6.0-test9. Externaly the latest version that 
contains CRIS updates is 2.5.75. Currently Linus would not accept any
CRIS patches because of the upcomming 2.6.0. As soon as it is released
I will try to please Linus again to apply CRIS patches.

There are three kinds of patches you would need to run test11:

A patch to the official test11 to update the CRIS arch
Some patches that can't be included in the official tree such as the
  top level Makefile. These patches normally goes into the kernel
  patch that is supplied in the devboard release.
A patch to make a devboard_82 release or similar runnable on 2.6.
  with the latest devboards I think this patch is really small
  but contains at least the kernel config.

The user space applications works without modifications with some
minor exceptions.

It is certainly doable to get this working but it would require some
of my time to make it possible for you or others to use it. Unless
you really have an application that needs it and can convince the 
apropriate people at Axis I can't see that it will happen before
2.6.0 (and it may be a while after 2.6.0 because we have not ported
some drivers yet e.g. USB and IDE).

Best Regards

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I know that 2.6 is not officially supported yet, but can anybody suggest
reasonable easy way how to use some of the latest kernel (ex.:
:-) with devboard_lx?

I mean is any patch or modifying necessary in kernel source or user
apps to build kernel and apps?



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