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Re: Mhonarc

>This mail is a little bit out of subject
>Axis, could you please configure your mail archiver Mhonarc to hide
>developper's mail address. For example is it possible to use " - AT -"
>instead of " @ " ?
>Since I subscribed to this mailing list, I receive spams.

this is most likely due to the fact that their e-mail server allows
thrid parties to execute the EXPN command - I haven't verified this

>Thank you.

And while we are at it, other e-mail lists have a clear indicator in
the subject line that makes it a lot easier to distinguish mail list
messages from otheres. I.e.

[dev-etrax] Re: Mhonarc

would be a much better subject line than just

Re: Mhonarc


Markus Zingg