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RE: Errors

This message means that interrupts have been disabled for a 
long time (>0.1s). It seams unlikely that the Bluez stack 
would do this on purpose. You can try to disable the watchdog
in kernelconfig but probably the kernel will then hang 
instead because of the infinite loop. The watchdog prints
a kernel oops that can be used to decode where the software 
was looping.

Run something like ksymoops vmlinux -K -L -O -m System.map in
os/linux and copy paste the oops output.


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We've compiled Bluez for developer board 82. However when we initiate a
device scan we get:

Oops: bitten by watchdog

What does this mean? Or sometimes the system reboots. What can cause

Thanks in advance
Murat Loo

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