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usb isochronous devices


I am trying to use an iMic USB sound card with the Etrax MCM. The
major/minor numbers are registered properly, however when I try to read or
write to/from the sound driver I eventually get kernel panics or apparently
infinite loops. Before this lots of either
 - usb-host.c: assert failed at line 1679
 - usb-host.c: Ignoring NULL urb, or
 - usb-host.c: Out of synch? Previous frame = 1880, current frame = 1889
(numbers vary, the current always seems to be previous+9 rather than the
expected previous+5).
warning messages are printed out.

I have tried both kernel 4.2.19 and 4.2.22 with usbhost.c version 1.19.
Before going further with my testing/debugging I thought it would be a good
idea to get your feedback on this as well. Are there any known issues with
isochronous devices?



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