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Parallel port Input in Manual mode


I am currently driving an LCD from Parallel port 0 of Devboard 82 in 4 bit
mode. For the purpose I am using 6 data pin (4 for data and 2 for LCD RS and

I also want attach one switch to the parallel port so that when the switch
is pressed an Interrupt is generated. I went through the dev-etrax archive
for seeking some help. What all I could get is that I cannot do so till the
port is in Manual mode.

I tried resetting the port after writing to the lcd. But that also resets
the LCD display. So I have to keep the Parallel port on Manual mode through

I also tried registering interrupt handler with IRQ 10 at the device init.
The request_irq call is successful. but when I apply input at any of the
ack,busy,select_in or paper_error, the handler does not get invoked.

Can anybody help me out in this scenario.