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RE: Kernel and filesystem image for testing without flashing?


You can load to ram with boot_linux -i kimage. It will still 
use the flash for the jffs filesystem but it would probably be 
easy to replace that as well with e.g. tmpfs.


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Subject: Kernel and filesystem image for testing without flashing?

Hi All,

I'm just starting to work with an ETRAX based design.

Is it possible to use the Developer-82 tools to build kernel
and system image suitable for testing without flashing?
(System should run from ramdisk, like when using netboot or
etherboot for diksless workstation).

Unfortunately the PCB for prototype has been incorrectly layed
out, so we have only 2MB of FLASH, and standard images do not fit.
Additionally the updates at the first stages of development will be
so often, that we don't wont to wear out the FLASH...

            TIA & Regards,
            Wojciech M. Zabolotny