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[APPS] busybox-1.00-pre3 on devboard_82 R1_91


Here's my latest package for busybox. It contains the following improvements:
   * updating to a newer version of busybox is as easy as changing the
     version number in the Makefile - it even runs wget for you
   * all changes to the source are kept in a patch file (makes updating easier)
     with the following patches currently included:
        - insmod patch from Axis, backported from CVS to 1.00-pre3
        - a small fix to compile top (included in CVS)

So get the files

How to apply:
   * cd axis/devboard_82
   * rm -fr apps/busybox
   * rm -fr packages/apps/busybox (if you haven't already been using my last version)
   * tar -xvjf apps-busybox-1.00-pre3.tar.bz2
   * zcat apps-busybox-Makefile-patch.gz | patch -p2 --verbose

Feedback welcome.

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock