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RE: Errors Help need.


There is nothing we can read from these traces. The numbers printed
corresponds to your build so they need to be decoded in your tree.

I got the decoded traces from you but they look totally screwed up.
The output from ksymoops should look something like this:

[<c016ffe3>] iput+0x63/0x80
[<c8ae9c27>] usbdev_release+0xb7/0xc0 [usbcore]
[<c0157a5c>] __fput+0x10c/0x120
[<c0156047>] filp_close+0x57/0x80
[<c0123d17>] put_files_struct+0x67/0xd0
[<c012491e>] do_exit+0x15e/0x3e0
[<c0124c4a>] do_group_exit+0x3a/0xb0
[<c02a302e>] sysenter_past_esp+0x43/0x65

(this example from an Intel but your output should look similar).

Can you try to only copy-paste the output from Oops until not syncing 
to ksymoops?


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Subject: Errors Help need.


I'm still having problems with bluez on dev board 82. I've updated the
usb-host driver. And then issued hcitool scan to scan for other
bluetooth drivers. The error I've got is:
Unable to handle kernel access<1>Unable to handle kernel access at
virtual address 02000000
                                             Oops: 0000
IRP: c005fcac SRP: c005faf8 DCCR: 000004a0 USP: 00000000 MOF: 00000000
 r1: c0a2a008   r2: c012dd98  r3: 00000000
                                           r4: 02000000  r5: 00000000
r6: 00000000  r7: c012c000
                   r8: 00000400  r9: 00000001  r10: 02000000 r11:
r12: 00000000 r13: c0a2a000 oR10: 02000000
                                    R_MMU_CAUSE: 02001018
Process  (pid: 192, stackpage=c012c000)

                                                         Stack from

               c0008408 c012dcc4 c005d836 c005d992 c012dd98 00000000
02000000 00000000
                                    c00f7484 00000000 c012dc80 c005da6c
c012dc80 c0a2a008 c0008408 c005fcfe
c012c000 00000000 00000000 02000000 00000000 c012dc80 c0a2a008
Call Trace: [<c0008408>] [<c005d836>] [<c005d992>] [<c005da6c>]
[<c0008408>] [<c005fcfe>] [<c005faf8>]
                          [<c005d656>] [<c005faf8>] [<c005fcac>]
[<c005faf8>] [<c005d656>] [<c005faf8>] [<c005fcac>] [<c005faf8>]

        [<c005d656>] [<c005faf8>] [<c005fcac>] [<c005faf8>] [<c005d656>]

                        Code: 02 01 0f 05 4c 21 60 ae 3f bd f8 ff (05)
c0 6a a6
08 30 0f 05 e0 ab ec e0
                                        Kernel panic: Aiee, killing
interrupt handler!
      In interrupt handler - not syncing
Sorry for the output. This is the best that I've can get from minicom. 
Also when I try write or send to a bluetooth socket, kernel also fails.
Here is the kernel output (with old usb driver).
<1>Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address
Oops: 0002
                              IRP: c000812c SRP: c000838c DCCR: 00000480
USP: 00000000 MOF: 00000000
                     r0: 00001bd0  r1: 00001bd0   r2: c0008390  r3:
r4: 00000021  r5: 00011980   r6: 00000000  r7: c0126000
                                                     r8: 56902387  r9:
 r10: 00001bb2 r11: 00001bd0
                            r12: 00000001 r13: c010cf10 oR10: 00001bb2
R_MMU_CAUSE: 00001112
                     Process swapper (pid: 0, stackpage=c0126000)
to handle kernel access at virtual address da6d8000
                                           Oops: 0000
IRP: c001a6fa SRP: c008a8a8 DCCR: 00000488 USP: 00000000 MOF: 00000000
da6d910c  r1: 00000000   r2: c01d0088  r3: 00000004
                                         r4: c01d6364  r5: c0e77180
r6: 00000000  r7: c0126000
                 r8: 56902387  r9: c01f3e34  r10: c0e77200 r11: 00000000
r12: c01d6364 r13: 0000002c oR10: c0e77200
                                  R_MMU_CAUSE: da6d9012
swapper (pid: 0, stackpage=c0126000)

                                                            Stack from

                  c0008408 c0127b58 c005d836 c005d992 00000000 00000000
da6d8000 00000004
                 c00f0524 00000000 c0127b14 c005da6c c0127b14 c0e8a368
         <4>Oops: bitten by watchdog
                                        IRP: c005f5ac SRP: c0008218
DCCR: 00000400 USP: 00000000 MOF: 00000000
                               r0: 401480dc  r1: 00001fd6   r2: 00001fd6
r3: 40132cb2
       r4: 00000080  r5: c0e77180   r6: 00000000  r7: c0126000
56902387  r9: b0000101  r10: 00000050 r11: c0132cb2
                                      r12: 00000050 r13: b00001e8 oR10:

R_MMU_CAUSE: da6d9012
                               Process swapper (pid: 0,


                          Stack from c01278e8:
c0127964 c005d836 c005d992 c0132cb2 00000000 00000080 40132cb2

     00001fd6 00001fd6 c0127920 c005da26 401480dc c005d6e0 00000000

                          b00001e8 00000050 c0132cb2 00000050 b0000101
c0126000 00000000
                                        Call Trace: [<c0008408>]
[<c005d836>] [<c005d992>] [<c005da26>] [<c005d6e0>] [<c0008218>]
[<c0008218>] [<c0008390>] [<c000827a>] [<c000836a>] [<c00085f0>]
[<c000853c>] [<da6d8000>] [<c0008408>]
[<c000a934>] [<da6d8000>] [<c005da7a>] [<c0008408>] [<c005fcfe>]
[<da6d8000>] [<c005faf8>]

                                       [<da6d910c>] [<c005d656>]
[<da6d910c>] [<c008a8a8>] [<c001a6fa>] [<da6d9118>] [<c008a8a8>]

                     [<c0089c26>] [<c005e4c6>] [<c0008390>] [<c005e336>]
[<c0008390>] [<c0008526>] [<c0008544>] [<c0008470>]

   [<c0008408>] [<c005d982>] [<c005da6c>] [<c0008408>] [<c005fcfe>]
[<c005faf8>] [<c0008390>] [<c005d656>]
[<c0008390>] [<c000838c>] [<c000812c>] [<c00085f0>] [<c000853c>]
[<da6d8000>] [<c0008408>] [<c005fce2>]
                                               [<da6d8000>] [<c005e4c6>]
[<c008b1a6>] [<c005e4f4>] [<c005e39a>] [<c005faf8>] [<da6d910c>]

                             [<da6d910c>] [<c008b220>] [<c001a6fa>]
[<da6d9118>] [<c008b220>] [<c000be4c>] [<c000e3ca>] [<c000bd98>]

           [<c000bcca>] [<c000ba80>] [<c005e4f4>] [<c005c910>]
[<c005e39a>] [<c005c910>] [<c005c91a>] [<c0087a8c>]
[<c005c910>] [<c005c91a>] [<c005c962>] [<c000407a>]
                                                  Code: e9 0b 30 92 41
d2 c9 db
69 d6 4d 9a (82) 93 fb 20 0f 05 6f de ea 01 00 b0

What may be causing this problems, bluez or a bug in kernel? Is there
anyway we can fix the problem?

Thanks in advance
Murat Loo

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