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RE: Network boot mode


The simple answer is no. The more elaborate answer is yes, but not in a
simple way.

When ETRAX is reset it starts to execute code stored in a ROM. This ROM
the BS pins to determine the boot mode and then starts to wait for
packets. In theory it would be possible to:

1. Disable all IRQs
2. Disable all DMAs
3. Disable the MMUs
4. Jump to the point in the boot ROM where it has decided that it will
Ethernet boot.

This has been tested without any OS running but as you understand it
is rather complicated. You also have to know what address to jump to
(the boot ROM code isn't distributed). If you really really need it
and say please we can find that address. But I'm not sure if we give
any support on such attempts because it's really outside the documented

Best Regards

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is it possible to enter network boot mode with the use of software only,

or is the only option to reset the processor?