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ftp update (was Re: Windows version of flashit?)

Matthew Hook wrote on 11.12.2003 23:38 MET:
> If not, is there any way to get the entire filesystem updated using FTP
> like with the way the Axis cameras work?

Have you tried the following (I can only speak for the devboard_82):
  * change /sbin/rc.fsupgrade to fit your needs
  * change the variable JFFSID to JFFSID-1 in /etc/release
  * logon as root via ftp (vftpd)
  * run "put fimage flash"

I guess this should be it. Am I wrong, then please correct me.

That's how it looks:
ftp> put fimage flash
local: fimage remote: flash
500 Syntax error.
227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,0,102,8,0)
150-Shutting down processes.
Preparing system for upgrade ...
Entering run level 4 ...
Waiting for processes to be stopped in runlevel 4 ...
... waiting ...
... waiting ...
... waiting ...
In run level 4.
Stopping remaining processes.
    sending TERM signal ...
All processes stopped.
The file system will be upgraded after reboot.
Shutting down file system /var ...
Shutting down file system /mnt/flash ...
File systems successfully shut down.
150 Opening data connection.
100% |******************************************************************************************|  6144 KB  909.22 KB/s    00:00 ETA
214-Virtual target execution.
Receiving new firmware ...
Erasing old file system ...

Loading new file system ...

The system upgrade completed successfully.
The unit will now reboot.
214 Virtual target exit.
6291480 bytes sent in 01:02 (98.93 KB/s)

Now on the console:
Restarting system.
*** HARD RESET ***
Uncompressing Linux...Done. Now booting the kernel.
/linuxrc: Mounting /mnt/flash... done
File system requires upgrade.
Mounting /proc... done
Mounting /var... done
Saving network parameters.
Unmounting /mnt/flash... done
Erasing flash... done
Upgrading file system... done
Mounting /mnt/flash... done
Restoring network parameters.
Unmounting /var... done
Unmounting /proc... done
/linuxrc: Starting init.
init: starting up.
Starting system initialization.

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock