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Pieter Grimmerink wrote on 12.12.2003 21:12 MET:
> You might give this a try:
> http://matt.ucc.asn.au/dropbear/dropbear.html
> (low memory ssh server for embedded purposes)
> Haven't yet had time for it myself, but this is were I would start.

Maybe someone of you can give a hint on why my first try compiling
it failes. Could it be wrong parameters or is this a problem of the
configure script?

fl:~/axis/devboard_82/apps/dropbear> LANG=en make config
CC= gcc-cris -isystem /home/fl/axis/devboard_82/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/include -mlinux
CFLAGS=-Wall -Wshadow -O2 -g
LDFLAGS= -L/home/fl/axis/devboard_82/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/lib
(cd dropbear-0.38; \
./configure "CC=  gcc-cris  -isystem /home/fl/axis/devboard_82/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/include -mlinux" "CFLAGS=-Wall -Wshadow -O2 -g" "LDFLAGS= -L/home/fl/axis/devboard_82/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/lib" \
         --disable-zlib --disable-shadow --disable-lastlog \
         --disable-utmp --disable-utmpx --disable-wtmp \
         --disable-wtmpx --disable-libutil --disable-pututline \
         --disable-pututxline \
         --host=cris --build=$(gcc -dumpmachine) \
checking for cris-gcc...   gcc-cris  -isystem /home/fl/axis/devboard_82/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/include -mlinux
checking for C compiler default output... a.out
checking whether the C compiler works... yes
checking whether we are cross compiling... yes
checking for executable suffix...
checking for object suffix... o
checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler... yes
checking whether   gcc-cris  -isystem /home/fl/axis/devboard_82/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/include -mlinux accepts -g... yes
checking whether make sets ${MAKE}... yes
checking build system type... i486-suse-linux-gnu
checking host system type... cris-axis-none
checking how to run the C preprocessor...   gcc-cris  -isystem /home/fl/axis/devboard_82/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/include -mlinux -E
checking for ANSI C header files... yes
checking for getusershell... yes
checking for memset... yes
checking for putenv... yes
checking for select... yes
checking for socket... yes
checking for strdup... yes
checking for clearenv... yes
checking for strlcpy... no
checking for strlcat... no
checking for "/dev/ptmx"... configure: error: cannot check for file existence when cross compiling
make: *** [config] Error 1

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock