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RE: system hang + kernel oops because of high usb load?

If you can repeat it you can also try to disable the watchdog. If it
works with the watchdog disabled it's just bad programming somewhere
in the nf stuff. If it hangs there is a bug somewhere that disables 
IRQs forever.

-----Original Message-----
From: owner-dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com">mailto:owner-dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com] On
Behalf Of Friedrich Lobenstock
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 3:48 PM
To: dev-etrax
Subject: system hang + kernel oops because of high usb load?


The setup:

                     eth0        eth1
Host1----------------Axis DevB.82--------------Host2 (Internet Gateway)   
                      configured as bridge

On Host1 I ran:
   * a realaudio stream (96KBit) from the internet
   * ping -f
   * and at the same time
     ping -f

After some time (approx. 1 hour IIRC) I see the following
messages appear on the console:
Found enabled EP for epid 0, starting bulk channel.
Found enabled EP for epid 0, starting bulk channel.

Then some minutes later the system locks up and finally
a kernel oops.

ksymoops -k /dev/null -l /dev/null -o /dev/null -m
System.map-axis-capture-2003-12-16-14\:48 <
ksymoops 2.4.8 on i686 2.4.20-4GB.  Options used
      -V (default)
      -k /dev/null (specified)
      -l /dev/null (specified)
      -o /dev/null (specified)
      -m System.map-axis-capture-2003-12-16-14:48 (specified)

Error (regular_file): read_ksyms /dev/null is not a regular file,
No modules in ksyms, skipping objects
No ksyms, skipping lsmod
Oops: bitten by watchdog
IRP: c0af0010 SRP: c0082f9e DCCR: 00000424 USP: 9ffff978 MOF: 00000000
Using defaults from ksymoops -t elf32-i386 -a i386
  r0: c0af1cd4  r1: c0c5f9e4   r2: 80000000  r3: c0c70008
  r4: 00000000  r5: c0af1cd8   r6: c00c0000  r7: 00000000
  r8: c00c391e  r9: c00f87cc  r10: 00000000 r11: c0af1cd8
r12: c0c70008 r13: 00000000 oR10: 00000000
Process busybox (pid: 874, stackpage=c0af0000)
Stack from 9ffff978:
        3564a4c0 00000000 355670f0 9ffffa1c 356494fc 35567a92 35650f70
        3564a4f0 35566b14 3563cf68 9ffffa1c 3555d0be 356fde6c 9ffffaa8
        35566ee4 3556708c 00000000 00000001 35567960 00000000 35566b14
Call Trace:
Stack from c0af1be4:
        c0008532 c0af1c60 c004ab7e c004acdc c0af1cd8 00000000 00000000
        80000000 c0c5f9e4 c0af1c1c c004ad5c c0af1cd4 c004aa20 00000000
        00000000 c0c70008 c0af1cd8 00000000 c00f87cc c00c391e 00000000
Call Trace: [<c0008532>] [<c004ab7e>] [<c004acdc>] [<c004ad5c>]
[<c004aa20>] [<c00c391e>] [<c00c0000>]
        [<c0082f9e>] [<c0082f9e>] [<c00c391c>] [<c008336c>] [<c00c391c>]
[<c00c184c>] [<c00c184c>] [<c00c3de2>]
        [<c00c391c>] [<c0082f9e>] [<c00c184c>] [<c008336c>] [<c00c184c>]
[<c00c1ab0>] [<c00c184c>] [<c007e152>]
        [<c007e28a>] [<c007e388>] [<c000a5b4>] [<c004b830>] [<c004b34e>]
[<c00123b0>] [<c00c4618>] [<c001248c>]
        [<c004cfbc>] [<c00129e8>] [<c0019044>] [<c00764ec>] [<c000a936>]
[<c000cddc>] [<c000a884>] [<c000a7c0>]
        [<c000a5b4>] [<c004b830>] [<c004ce5c>] [<c004a996>]
Code: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 a0 (dc) 64 0e c0 01 00 00 00 00
00 00 00

 >>EIP; c0af0010 <_end+93c590/e4c580>   <=====

 >>IRP; c0af0010 <_end+93c590/e4c580>
 >>SRP; c0082f9e <nf_iterate+42/7e>
 >>IRP; c0af0010 <_end+93c590/e4c580>
 >>SRP; c0082f9e <nf_iterate+42/7e>
 >>r0; c0af1cd4 <_end+93e254/e4c580>
 >>r1; c0c5f9e4 <_end+aabf64/e4c580>
 >>r3; c0c70008 <_end+abc588/e4c580>
 >>r5; c0af1cd8 <_end+93e258/e4c580>
 >>r6; c00c0000 <packet_getsockopt+20/126>
 >>r8; c00c391e <br_nf_pre_routing_finish+2/222>
 >>r9; c00f87cc <nf_hooks+80/800>
 >>r11; c0af1cd8 <_end+93e258/e4c580>
 >>r12; c0c70008 <_end+abc588/e4c580>

Trace; c0008532 <printk+0/14e>
Trace; c004ab7e <show_stack+0/8a>
Trace; c004acdc <show_registers+d4/13a>
Trace; c004ad5c <watchdog_bite_hook+1a/1e>
Trace; c004aa20 <Watchdog_bite+1a/1c>
Trace; c00c391e <br_nf_pre_routing_finish+2/222>
Trace; c00c0000 <packet_getsockopt+20/126>
Trace; c0082f9e <nf_iterate+42/7e>
Trace; c0082f9e <nf_iterate+42/7e>
Trace; c00c391c <br_nf_pre_routing_finish+0/222>
Trace; c008336c <nf_hook_slow+c4/14e>
Trace; c00c391c <br_nf_pre_routing_finish+0/222>
Trace; c00c184c <br_handle_frame_finish+0/11c>
Trace; c00c184c <br_handle_frame_finish+0/11c>
Trace; c00c3de2 <br_nf_pre_routing+2a4/2b0>
Trace; c00c391c <br_nf_pre_routing_finish+0/222>
Trace; c0082f9e <nf_iterate+42/7e>
Trace; c00c184c <br_handle_frame_finish+0/11c>
Trace; c008336c <nf_hook_slow+c4/14e>
Trace; c00c184c <br_handle_frame_finish+0/11c>
Trace; c00c1ab0 <br_handle_frame+148/184>
Trace; c00c184c <br_handle_frame_finish+0/11c>
Trace; c007e152 <netif_receive_skb+102/1d0>
Trace; c007e28a <process_backlog+6a/108>
Trace; c007e388 <net_rx_action+60/ee>
Trace; c000a5b4 <do_softirq+58/9c>
Trace; c004b830 <do_IRQ+82/86>
Trace; c004b34e <sIRQ17_interrupt+18/2e>
Trace; c00123b0 <do_no_page+d4/15c>
Trace; c00c4618 <memcpy+34/148>
Trace; c001248c <handle_mm_fault+54/c8>
Trace; c004cfbc <do_page_fault+15c/2cc>
Trace; c00129e8 <__vma_link+52/a8>
Trace; c0019044 <kmem_cache_free+12/18>
Trace; c00764ec <etrax_usb_hc_interrupt_bottom_half+7e/82>
Trace; c000a936 <__run_task_queue+48/54>
Trace; c000cddc <immediate_bh+16/18>
Trace; c000a884 <bh_action+24/58>
Trace; c000a7c0 <tasklet_hi_action+62/80>
Trace; c000a5b4 <do_softirq+58/9c>
Trace; c004b830 <do_IRQ+82/86>
Trace; c004ce5c <handle_mmu_bus_fault+b0/b4>
Trace; c004a996 <mmu_bus_fault+28/30>

Code;  c0af0004 <_end+93c584/e4c580>
00000000 <_EIP>:
Code;  c0af000c <_end+93c58c/e4c580>
    8:   00 00                     add    %al,(%eax)
Code;  c0af000e <_end+93c58e/e4c580>   <=====
    a:   00 a0 dc 64 0e c0         add    %ah,0xc00e64dc(%eax)   <=====
Code;  c0af0014 <_end+93c594/e4c580>
   10:   01 00                     add    %eax,(%eax)

1 error issued.  Results may not be reliable.

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock