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Re: system hang + kernel oops because of high usb load?

Orjan Friberg wrote on 16.12.2003 16:11 MET:
> Friedrich Lobenstock wrote:
>> After some time (approx. 1 hour IIRC) I see the following
>> messages appear on the console:
>> Found enabled EP for epid 0, starting bulk channel.
>> Found enabled EP for epid 0, starting bulk channel.
> This message, while printed, is harmless.  There is a timer that 
> periodically checks if the bulk DMA channel needs to be started, because 
> when we insert traffic we might do it just as the DMA controller is 
> about to stop the channel.

Ok. Those messages happend just some minutes before the lookup
therefore I thought that they might be in a connection to it.

> Which USB host driver version is this?  (I assume 1.19, since you've 
> asked related earlier.)

Sorry, I forgot to tell that I'm using the usb host driver 1.19 on
SDK R1_91 with:
   kernel 2.4.22
   + axis-linux-2_4_22.diff  (applied via running ./install in the SDK dir)
   + ebtables-brnf-3_vs_2.4.22.diff

I've just removed the ebtables-brnf patch, compiled again and
I'm currently re-running the test. If it take again about 2,5 hours
to reach the lookup we've got another 1,5 hours to go...

BTW if it makes a difference here the differences between
my kernelconfig and the axis default:

diff -u kernelconfig.axis kernelconfig.latest | grep "^[\+\-]" | grep -v "^[\+\-]#"

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock