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Re: system hang + kernel oops because of high usb load?

Mikael Starvik wrote on 16.12.2003 16:54 MET:
> If you can repeat it you can also try to disable the watchdog. If it
> works with the watchdog disabled it's just bad programming somewhere
> in the nf stuff. If it hangs there is a bug somewhere that disables 
> IRQs forever.

2nd. test is already running for 1,5 hours. This time without the
ebtables-bridgenf patch applied to the kernel. We'll see if that
makes a difference.

About the watchdog, I think without it I would not have seen
anything as the the machine was hanging for some time already
till the watchdog jumped in and the oops was printed. Do you
think the machine might have recovered otherwise?

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock