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Re: system hang + kernel oops because of high usb load? (seems tobe reproducable) (followup)

Johan.Adolfsson@xxxxxxx.2003 22:05 MET:
> ksymoops-cris is a rather fast hack that I found useful enough to add
> to the tools directory, the disassembly thing has worked for me though.

I guess you might want to promote this tool more by putting a description
of it on your webpage eg. add it to the debugging section or so.
Just my 2 euro cents/öre.

> Doesn't make any difference for me, but try changing:
> STOPADDR=`perl -e ' printf("0x%08X\n", $ENV{PC}-1);'`
> STARTADDR2=`perl -e ' printf("0x%08X\n", $ENV{PC}+0);'`
> STOPADDR2=`perl -e ' printf("0x%08X\n", $ENV{PC}+16);'`
> to
> STOPADDR=`perl -e ' printf("0x%08X\n", hex($ENV{PC})-1);'`
> STARTADDR2=`perl -e ' printf("0x%08X\n", hex($ENV{PC})+0);'`
> STOPADDR2=`perl -e ' printf("0x%08X\n", hex($ENV{PC})+16);'`
> note the added hex().

Ok, this works for me on my system. My perl is v5.8.0

# perl -e ' printf("0x%08X\n", hex($ENV{PC})-1);'
# perl -e ' printf("0x%08X\n", hex($ENV{PC})+0);'

> regarding why run_timer_list loops so long with interrupts disabled,
> my guess is that someone swamps the system with timers or that
> the lists somehow got corrupt.

Yes I'm stressing the system, as I'm overloading it with network
traffic, that's intended. But what IMO should not happen is an oops.
And I'm using the kernel just with the patch provided by Axis
and no other modifications now.

> Try adding a loopcounter in run_timer_list and a function that print
> the timerlists etc. and call that from the watchdog_bite_hook() function
> in arch/cris/kernel/traps.c

Somewhen next week, when I've got time to try this. At the moment
the system is stable enough to do a demonstration this week so I
have to postpone the worry about the high network load case or long
lived system problem later...

Actually I discovered this problem for the first time after letting
the system run with ligth network traffic (audio streaming 96/128 Kbps,
web and mail traffic of my laptop) for a week in a row when it suddenly
hang. But I had no serial logger running at that time so I had to come
up with a test case, which seems to work - as we can see.

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock