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Linux 2.6.0

Hi all developers!

Just a few hours ago Linus finally announced the official
2.6.0. The CRIS architecture is part of this release and 
the port is pretty up-to-date with the latest stuff. If
you have looked into the 2.4 CRIS port you will find that
the 2.6 port is similar but that many files have been moved
to subdirectories under arch/cris called arch-v10. This is
obviously done to prepare for future CRIS subarchitectures.
There are still some drivers missing and some more testing 
to be done. After January 15 I will start with this TODO-list:

  Submit a patch to make 2.6.0 compile and boot on CRIS
  Port missing drivers (USB, IDE etc)
  Get all devboard applications to compile 
  Fix kernel module loading
  More tests (the LTP test suite already runs with good results)

After theses fixes it may still be a while before anyone decides
to make a developer release out of it (not my decision or job
to do that).

Happy hacking!