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[APPS] bridge-utils with startscripts for devboard_82 R1_91


I just finished the release of the bridge-utils with startscripts
that integrate them into the SDK R1_91. The bridge-utils package
is basically the one you can download from the axis site just with
and update for the include in the makefile for the new SDK.

This release features:
   * configure eth0 and eth1 as members of the bridge br0
   * run ipsetd on br0
   * run dhcp client on br0, with standard ip
   * update the net script to use the ifconfig feature for
     calculating the broadcast address and don't create
     /var/run/init.d/net.INTERFACE files for interfaces
     without an ip address

How to install:
   * cd axis/devboard_82

   * tar -xvzf apps-bridge-utils-0.9.5.tgz

   * zcat apps-bridge-utils-patch01-Makefile.gz | patch -p2 --verbose
     (if you already downloaded the apps-bridge-utils-Makefile-patch.gz
      and applied it, then you can omit this step)

   * zcat apps-bridge-utils-patch02-scripts.gz | patch -p2 --verbose

   You also need to install the new busybox as the scripts update
   the net start script which needs a new feature of the new busybox,
   namely the feature to let ifconfig calculate the broadcast address.

   If you already installed busybox then you need to get and apply the
   patch apps-busybox-patch02-Makefile.gz *before* installing the patch

Get the following files:

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock