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RE: The current software for the Etrax 100 LX platform

From what you tell me I can use:
Kernel 2.4.22
cris compiler 1.54

and build a platform that will run my Etrax 100.

Is this correct.

Mark Schapira

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> What is the current set of development software that can  be used to
> software for the Etrax 100 LX. (not the Etrax 100 LX Mcm).
> We currently use:
> kernel 2.4.19 with the axis supplied patch
> cris compiler 1.25
> Development platform R2_1_0
> What software can be upgraded?

You can use the latest devboard_82 environment, you only need to
change the kernelconfig, use the devboard_lx kernelconfig as an example.
Maybe you'll have to remove some packages from the main Makefile to make
the image fit on your flash.

That's what we do with a custom board based on the LX developer board,
works just fine.