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Re: SSH/SSL/TLS SFTP HTTPS suite needed for on Devboard_82

Erich W. Gunther wrote on 07.01.2004 17:25 MET:
> Hello all.  I am a newbie to this list and ETRAX development but I just
> wanted to report that I was able to use the Makefile provided by
> Friedrich Lobenstock to successfully build Dropbear on the first try!
> Thanks!

Your welcome.

> I think I successfully built the OpenSSL libraries and SSL program after
> a lot of messing around with Makefiles.

Can you provide your stuff for download like I do? Thanks.

> Once I have a workable SFTP server, I will need to figure out how to
> implement the remote firmware upgrade capability in it like that
> provided by the FTP server that comes with the development kit which I
> will have to disable to finish securing the box.

I think dropbear has support for sftp but that would need building
some extra stuff AFAIR.

> In the future, it would be really nice if the AXIS development kit came
> with such a secure set of communications interfaces instead of the
> traditional examples.

I can only agree.

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock