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developer kit with more security (was Re: SSH/SSL/TLS SFTP HTTPSsuite needed for on Devboard_82)

Friedrich Lobenstock wrote on 07.01.2004 18:37 MET:
> Erich W. Gunther wrote on 07.01.2004 17:25 MET:
>> In the future, it would be really nice if the AXIS development kit came
>> with such a secure set of communications interfaces instead of the
>> traditional examples.
> I can only agree.

But I have to add that not only Axis should do something about it.
Everybody can help out. It might also be true that different people
on this list have already done some work in this field and we just
need to put all the missing peaces together.

So don't keep your work behind closed doors, make it available to
others. That's what open source development is all about, isn't it?

Maybe Axis can help in setting up a contributions folder on their
download site? Just a thought.

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock